Unusually high number of Western Digital Hard drives coming in for data recovery.

September 9, 2013

Data Recovery for my Western Digital Hard Drive

A quick ‘snapshot’ look at the statistics of the brands of hard drives that came to us for data recovery revealed something that really stood out.

I took a small sample of the last 50 requests for online quotes from the website over the past few days. In just the last 50 quote requests that were submitted online, 24 were for Western Digital hard drives! This is relative to the number of hard drives that that are checked in for recovery as well.
By no means am I singling out Western Digital, with the their brand being one of the oldest and most recognizable in the I.T. field as a whole, I would venture to say that there are just as many, if not more WD’s that have been functioning much past their predicted life expectancy.

Now math was never a strong suit for me, but even I can see that that equals 50%. In defense of Western Digital, I have always said that these statistics are somewhat skewed simply by the sheer dominance that they hold in the hard drive market. We’ve always seen “Western Digital”, “Western Digital Data Recovery“, and “Western Digital Passport Recovery” in our Google analytics. However with the further consolidation of hard disk drive manufacturers, it’s quite clear to see the rise of WD’s that are sent to us for Data Recovery. Once again, in defense of Western Digital, I must reiterate that there are just that many Western Digital drives in use.

For example, we may bring in an older WD600BB, 60GB WD internal IDE that has been functioning fine with zero issues for years, but now is suddenly no longer being recognized by the BIOS. (How can the average computer user access any files from a hard drive in which a computer does not even know exists?) You could certainly always try the hard drive in a different computer to rule out any other issues. However if there is any unusual noises at all, burning smells or burn marks on the hard drive, this is not advised. Things could go from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

Western Digital - WD600BB

Western Digital – WD600BB

This smaller capacity Western Digital could easily be directly followed into the lab by a larger Western Digital 4TB My Book Essential USB 3.0 that was accidentally dropped.

4TB Western Digital My Book

4TB Western Digital My Book

Another interesting fact is that there are drives that will have extremely premature failures. Some will give tell tale signs such as intermittent problems, possibly noisy, and erratic performance. Some hard drives will spontaneously fail with no advance warning at all. I’ve personally spoken with many clients who have a hard drive that was less than 6 months old, yet now is basically an expensive ‘paperweight’. (Another surprisingly high incident rate. )
It’ also  actually pretty startling to see the number of drives that ‘slip out of hands’ or are simply dropped. Western Digital does not have much control over how their products are handled. But I do know of a few external HDD enclosures that in my opinion, were poorly designed for use in a vertical position. This may make room for more desk space, but as you can see by the picture on the left, could also lend itself to be easily knocked over.

Dropped External / Portable Hard Drive

I may not be the most graceful person myself, and I know that this can easily happen, but it still surprises me me as to how many external hard drives get dropped. (Not to mention how many laptop and notebook computers get dropped)
There are a slew of manufacturers that make durable and rugged external enclosures. Some such as ioSafe tout protective features that are designed to military specifications.
Lacie also makes enclosures which advertises a ‘drop-resistant’ aluminum-alloy shell and a shock-resistant rubber bumper.

Lacie External HDD Enclosure

Lacie External HDD Enclosure

Knowing what I know about hard drives, how they  work,  (as well as what can make them not work,) I would rather take the manufacturers word on that, as opposed to verifying myself by dropping a hard drive and then needing data recovery from said hard drive. Often times, a big factor on the amount of internal damage (if any) is whether or not the drive was in use, powered up or powered down, etc.,

Data Recovery is no Substitute for Data Backup

I think I would rather avoid needing a data recovery service altogether by always having a complete backup of any critical data. I know that it has been said ad nauseum to make backups. However for many businesses or individuals who have been through a complete hard drive failure, “once is enough”. The prices for data recovery, the stress of being without your files and even the possibility that it could be unrecoverable generally converts these people into backup believers.

“Make Backups.” Then “Make backups of your backups.”

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Whoops there goes another USB…

August 14, 2013

Data Recovery for USB Thumb Drives

Digital storage (i.e. Hard Drives, SSDs, USB thumb drives, servers, ‘The Cloud’, etc.) has made significant advances in capacity, speed, price, availability, and possibly even reliability. Although anyone that has been the on unfortunate side of a crashed or inaccessible hard drive would probably say otherwise.) In fact, recovering data from solid state hard drives can bring about it’s own set of unique challenges and methods for recovery.

It’s certainly a sign of the times, when you can go into your local retailer and purchase a 4 TB for under $200, and of course there are even better bargains to be found on the internet. Some local ‘big-box’ stores that are “Always Low Prices” are advertising a 16TB Buffalo DriveStation that can be configured for RAID 0, RAID 5 or RAID 10.  I’m not sure why I’m even surprised that these retailers are offering this amount of storage for what is most likely home consumers.
But more and more people are archiving larger amounts of data each and every day. This includes both businesses and home users.
At this time you can get a 256GB SSD for under $200, and as marketplace competition heats up, I’m sure those prices will drop also.

Mashable.com has a pretty neat Infographic showing the evolution of digital storage. This article was published in 2011, so things have evolved even since then of course.

The History of Digital Storage. (Infographic)

The History of Digital Storage. (Infographic)

The data recovery industry has seen some signification changes.  In just the past few years alone there has also been significant advances made in recovering data from hard disk drives, USB thumb drives, SD Cards, and basically anything that stores digital data.

While storage capacity is increasing exponentially, the actual physical size of some of these dives have become considerably smaller.
Once again not to date myself, as I do remember using multiple Floppy Discs to store files that were larger than 1.44MB, I remember being “blown away” when I could carry a 256MB Flash drive in my pocket. That is 256 MEGABYTES!! (64GB Flash drives now can be found for around $50.)

Take a look at this tiny USB Flash Drive that I found at ThinkGeek.com

Pico USB Flash DriveOver the past few years, the rise of USB Thumb drives, flash and solid state hard drives that come to us for recovery has risen very notably to say the least. I have created a “Top 10” list of maladies that most of these recoveries would fall under.

Top 10 Data Losses for USB Thumb Drives

10. Cannot See / Find Files:
(This is a common symptom when the data stored on the drive can not be accessed. Many times the drive has lost it’s file structure or file formatting which allows the data to be easily indexed and found. Often the USB drive will be detected, but cannot be accessed.)

9. Bent/Broken USB Adapter:
Very common occurrence. Not every Flash drive will stop working after being dropped, but seeing the insides of micro connectors and solder points, it’s not hard to see why this can easily cause problems.

8. Dropped:
Another very common occurrence for both flash drives and external USB hard drives. The amount of damage, if any, is generally related to the height of the fall, the surface that devices fell onto, and where it landed. (i.e. Falling 6 Ft. onto tile directly on USB connector, would obviously be more damaging than same small flash drive falling onto carpeted surface from 3 ft.

7. Removed Flash Drive Improperly or Roughly:
I actually caught myself doing this from home recently.  As I bent down to unplug my USB drive, I noticed that I was pulling ‘up’ somewhat, rather than pulling straight out.

6. Accidentally Format:
This happens more than you might imagine. The good news is that in most cases, if the drive has been formatted, data can be recovered. This is providing, that nothing has been written to the drive. Once data has been overwritten, chances for recovery are slim to none.

5. Insert Drive Incorrectly: (Also see # 7)
“Resistance is Futile.” Have you ever been tempted to keep pushing harder on a USB Thumb that does not o in easily? Well me neither. But many people have. Most electronic devices, USB connections included, should insert very easily with not much force needed at all. If the device or component does not insert with little to no resistance, you should stop forcing and flip the drive over.

4. Remove Device Incorrectly:
I have found myself doing this on accident. My desktop computer sits below my on the ground. Just recently I noticed that when I went to remove my thumb drive, I almost pulled slightly “up” as I was removing the drive. USB devices of any kind should be removed by pulling the connector directly “out” without any up, down or sideways motion.

USB Thumb Drive Connector

3. Data has been Overwritten:
Unfortunately there’s not much that any data recovery service can do to recover data in this type of situation.
(What once was “1’s” now are “0’s”

Overwritten Data

Stops working due to “Old Age”:
You might ask yourself “How can it wear out, if there are no moving pieces?” Well, this may come as news to some people. However these devices do have a life span. All digital storage devices do. Hard drives, both conventional and SSD, thumb drives, any type of device on to which you store your pictures, files, work, etc. all will eventually fail.
Solid State / Flash technology is a bit (pardon the pun) different in the way that it reads, writes and accesses data.

One of most basic ways that this was explained to me way back in the day was to think of an I.C. Chip as having millions of transistors that can be either “on” or “off”. The “on’s” and “off’s” can basically be thought of as “1’s” and “0’s”.  These bits are written to the drive as static charges. Eventually the cells will fail to hold these static charges.
No static charge = No “1’s” nor “0’s”. Having no “1’s” nor “0’s” means no data.

1. And the Number 1 Reason:
(This is strictly my opinion and my personal favorite) ….  Is, that the thumb drive was ran through the washing machine! We had a desperate client call in recently with a thumb drive that had been left in his pants pocket. Unbeknownst to him, the wife washed his jeans. *(Note: Always check pockets before washing!)

If you find yourself with a broken or inaccessible USB Thumb drive that contains critical data, call ECO Data Recovery at 1-800-339-3412 or visit our website to speak with a data recovery consultant or to get a free quote for data recovery services.

ECO Data Recovery has been providing data recovery from all storage devices since 1995. We offer flat rate, affordable pricing for physical, logical and forensic data recovery services.

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Dropped Laptop Hard Drive – Shattered Platters – No Data Recovery

June 21, 2013

Holy Toshiba Batman!! If you can imagine some of the unusual things that could possibly happen to hard drive, we have seen it. From fires to floods and all points in between, hard drives with an interesting history come here for data recovery on a daily basis.

Of course the vast majority of hard drives that do come in for data recovery are due to more common situations such as electrical failures, user error, viruses, power surges and spikes, etc.

Here at ECO Data Recovery, I’ve seen head crashes in which some are so severe that the shiny magnetic flux coating has been etched completely off of the platter! (That’s commonly known as a ‘catastrophic’ head crash.) We have also seen some in which the damage is not so readily visible to the naked eye. Most hard drives will have more than one platter. In some cases there are light scratches and very slight damage located on the underside of the top platter which can make recovery difficult and in some cases impossible.

Either way the damage to the hard drive must be identified and corrected prior to any data recovery taking place. I work in the front offices here at ECO. There is a hallway that separates the front offices from the back offices and the lab. I could count on one hand how many times that one of our technicians brought an open hard drive up to me to show me. Unfortunately a hard drive that has shattered platters will not be able to be recovered. The damage is simply too extreme.

In this case a Toshiba hard drive was sent in for recovery after the entire laptop computer was dropped. Dropped laptops, notebooks and portable drives are very common and chances for recovery generally depend on the extent of the damage specifically to the platters inside of the hard drive. I would assume after seeing this drive, that the notebook must have been dropped from at least 3-4’ onto a hard surface, and probably landed right where the hard drive is located. This hard drive however needed no attempts at hard drive recovery. For even I who has been here for over 8 years, but have never cracked open a hard drive myself could see that this recovery would be unsuccessful.

The top platter of this drive was completely shattered into what almost seemed like hundreds of pieces! I have previously posted pictures of what we call catastrophic head crashes. Well, today I am posting a picture of the shattered platters from this Toshiba hard drive. This laptop had been dropped. We did not see the condition of the computer itself, but you can only imagine how it also looks. Often times, portable, external hard drives can easily be knocked over or drop from a desk resulting in similar results.

Toshiba Hard Drive with Shattered Platters

Toshiba Hard Drive with Shattered Platters

As you can see from the image posted, it doesn’t take a certified data recovery engineer to see the extent of the damage to this drive. Now, not all hard drives that are dropped are damaged to this extreme. In some cases the damage is minimal, yet still requires invasive level work for a successful data recovery. If you ever find yourself with a dropped laptop, or portable hard disk drive, there are steps to take to help reduce any possible further damage.

First and Foremost: If you hear any unusual noises upon powering up, the absolute best thing you can do is shut the computer down right away! This can help keep a bad situation from becoming much worse.
The above holds especially true for an external hard drive. If the drive has been dropped and is now making strange sounds, power down ASAP. (These sounds could be the heads grinding across the surface of the platters causing irreparable damage.)

I would also be leery of a computer technician who suggests using data recovery software on a mechanically failed hard drive. Any computer technician worth his weight in salt knows to shut down a noisy hard drive immediately. This too can also cause further and quite possibly irreparable damage. If the hard drive is not being detected, or is making noises, or is vibrating unusually, it would stand to reason that running data recovery software and excessive attempts at recovery will be futile at best. This too can cause much more damage to the hard drive. If then you do decide to send your hard drive to a professional data recovery service, the previous attempts can have an impact on data recovery price and likelihood for recovery.

Don’t send your hard drive to a data recovery service without verifying their capabilities. It’s very easy to find a data recovery service on Google. Many people who are in dire straits will call and have the world promised to them, all at an unbelievable price!  The old adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”, definitely applies here. A common scenario would be sending a failed hard drive in for a “Free Evaluation”. Sounds pretty good to me. Well, once the data recovery lab plugs in the hard drive, and the drive is not ‘detected’ or ‘seen’, you can then expect a call from your salesman to be upgraded to “Invasive” level evaluation. (Which does come with a hefty price cost of course.) There’s also the chance that if the drive was in fact detected, and not making any noises, your neighborhood computer technician could easily recovery your data via software.

If you do find yourself with any of these types of situations and do need data recovery, give us a call at: 800-339-3412.

One of our knowledgeable and friendly consultants will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and get you back on the road to recovery.

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Keep your hard drives cool!

June 3, 2013

Summer is here and everyone is trying to stay cool here in South Florida. Proper hydration, dressing appropriately, and limiting physical activities to cooler times of the day all help.

Have you ever noticed that your laptop computer can get a little more than warm? Sometimes it can even get downright hot. Here at work, I have 2 external USB backup hard drives, and at home I have one. It seems that all 3 of my portable drives can get a little warm for my liking, and they are all from different manufacturers. One of the hard drives actually becomes downright hot.

Capacity wise, hard drives are bigger than ever. Speed wise, hard drives are faster than ever. Physically however, they seem to be shrinking. If you have ever seen the precise inside mechanics of a conventional hard drive, they really are impressive as to how they read, write and store data.

You see, ‘thermal conditions’ can spell the demise of any hard drive. Until computer manufacturers and hard drive manufacturers make the switch to solid state technology for hard drives, heat will continue to be a serious issue and a cause for hard drive failure. Solid state hard drives are sensitive to excessive heat as well.

Unfortunately I’m not entirely certain that longevity of hard disk drives is at the forefront of the hard disk drive manufacturers priorities. If the hard drive manufacturers (Which are reducing in numbers, and are down to 2-3 major names…) made products that actually lasted longer, they would be selling far fewer hard drives.

Here at ECO Data Recovery we have had drives come in for data recovery in which heat had played a major role in the hard drive failure.
A very common scenario is someone who is using their laptop on top of a bed, couch, soft pillow or other similar surface. Most laptops contain a system fan, and by keeping ventilation grills clean and free from dust, will also help to circulate air and keep the machine a bit cooler.

If a laptop or notebook computer is used while on a pillow, couch or bed, the soft surface can hinder or even completely block the ventilation through the computer. The excessive heat can cause the hard drive to fail and possibly even suffer from a head crash. In some ‘head crashes’, the heads which float above the platters on a very thin wisp of air can actually make contact with the platters inside of the hard drive as they are spinning. This can spell disaster depending upon the location, severity and nature of the crash.
It’s very simple physics in which the hard drive will basically ‘expand’ due to the heat. Unfortunately, this expansion can have some extreme results. (Such as a catastrophic head crash!)

Of course the key to avoid this entire headache and to avoid needing a data recovery service is to always have a backup of your critical data.
Now more than ever making/having a back up of important files is not only easy, but really is an absolute must.
Here is a brief list of some of the more popular online backup services:

SOS Online Backup
Jungle Disk
Norton Online Backup

I’m sure that there are many more online services, which have varying prices, size limits, and plans. A quick Google search for “Online Backup Service” should provide you with all the information that you would need to make the best decision for you. Remember, a Data Recovery Service is an ‘Oasis of Last Resort’, and by taking basic precautions to avoid data loss, you may never need one.

If you do happen to find yourself, with an overheated hard drive and do need hard drive data recovery, ECO Data Recovery has been providing data recovery, hard drive repair and hard drive recovery since 1995.


Hard Drive Crash? Data Can Be Recovered In Most Cases

May 28, 2013

ECO Data Recovery - Data Recovery Service - Hard Drive Recovery

Have you ever powered on your computer only to hear strange sounds coming from the hard drive? Perhaps, you have been told by a computer technician that your hard disk drive has ‘crashed’, and ‘everything’ is gone. Another very common scenario is a virus laden operating system, in which the technician advises that the “only solution” is to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows, thus losing all of your data.

In many cases a complete format and OS reinstall is by far the easiest solution for the technician. A good computer technician will recognize when and where it is safe to attempt software level data recovery, which I would absolutely never advise on a noisy or unstable hard drive. This can have serious irreparable implications; namely, making your data unrecoverable by causing extreme damage the surface of the platters inside the hard drive.

There is good news however. In…

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Casey Anthony’s Google Searches – Computer Forensics

November 28, 2012

Casey Anthony’s Google searches. Gone already and we hardly knew ye….

I vividly remember watching some of the Casey Anthony trial live as it was televised. This was one of the most talked about cases in recent history. Since the trial was such a ratings bonanza for the media, it was nearly laid out like an itinerary. We knew when Roy Krunk was going to testify, we eagerly waited for George & Cindy Anthony, and we all waited anxiously to see if Casey herself would testify.

Even the attorneys themselves had become household names to a certain extent and lightning rods for controversy as they so often are. Had anyone ever heard of Jose Baez, Mason Cheney or Geoff Ashton prior to the trial?

With the advent and increase in social media use, this modern day televised ‘soap opera’, was basically a made for media drama in the form of a true story. People were tweeting during the trial, and it seemed that most everyone had an opinion on whether she innocent or guilty. The hatred for Casey Anthony was palpable. It seemed to be the only thing that anyone was talking about during the summer of 2011.

I know it’s a ‘sin to comment on the obvious’, but if this were a fictional novel, the innocent verdict certainly would have been the ‘shocker’ in the last chapter. I know…still hard to comprehend. As hard as it may be to believe, I will repeat it. She was found innocent by a jury of her ‘peers’.

The point of this blog post is not to rehash the trial (or ‘mis-trial’) so to speak, as there are plenty of sources for every angle possible.

The point is…. The Orange Co. Sheriffs dept. committed a blunder of epic proportions. Orlando television station WKMG first reported that the sheriffs’ office computer investigators missed a Google Search for “fool proof” suffocation methods. Whoever conducted the Google search looked for the term “fool-proof suffication,” (sic) misspelling “suffocation”. Google in all its wisdom, for the most part, knows what you meant to search for and will suggest the correction. It’s as if Google is anticipating misspellings and has taken that into consideration. Very much unlike the the forensic ‘investigation’ that was performed on Casey Anthony’s hard drive.

Did that resonate with you like it did me?
They missed an entry for “FOOL-PROOF SUFFOCATION!!

Casey Anthony Google Searches

Casey Anthony Google Searches



Most browsers will also ‘auto-fill’ the address bar in a browser.

Browser Autofill

Internet web browsers will start to autofill the URL once you start to type.

My mother, God bless her, is no computer expert and had to be coerced into getting a computer and getting online. Now she plays basic web based games, enjoys Facebook and surfs the internet.
Yet even she knows that she has two browsers available to her, and that some of her web based video games work better with Firefox.

Popular Browser Icons

Popular Browser Icons

In my opinion, equally as mind boggling is the fact that the computer investigators only looked at Internet Explorer Files. I just looked at the analytics for ECO Data Recovery. It appears that Mozilla Firefox is actually more popular than Internet Explorer amongst our visitors on computers running Windows.
(A snapshot of our website traffic reveals that Mozilla Firefox accounts for 26% while Internet Explorer accounts for 22%. It’s not a huge difference, but consider the fact that with our visitors, Mozilla Firefox is till a more popular browser. )

How on earth could the investigators have overlooked this? Since I have serious doubts of how thorough the hard drive investigation was, I can tell you that a quick look through temporary internet files would have revealed some very, very possibly damning evidence.

Now I know hindsight is 20/20. Investigative reports showed 17 vague entries from the computer’s Internet Explorer browser. However this hindsight reveals more than 1200 entries from the  Mozilla Firefox browser!! (Including the suffocation search.) From some of the news reports that I have read, the Orange Co. PD did not consult with the F.BI. nor the F.D.L.E. (Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement.)

With this particular case, data recovery software would not have even been necessary to possibly alter the outcome of this trial. A simple, basic search of the temporary internet files without even using data recovery software would have revealed the searches that could have had dramatic results. I’m sure that there would have been fireworks in the courtroom when this evidence would have been presented.

Of course it’s easy to comment on all of this information one year later, while I blog about it from the standpoint of  a data recovery service.

The fact of the matter is that: A competent computer technician would have been able to pull the temporary internet files, and with certainty would have known to check for multiple browsers.

ECO Data Recovery provides forensic computer investigations and digital forensics for cases of corporate espionage, employee sabotage, and even marital cases where infidelity is a factor. There was a time in the not so distant past that we performed computer forensics for numerous Law Enforcement agencies. As you might imagine with the rise of the technological revolution, there has also been a rise in computer related crimes. Now, it’s not uncommon at all for a Law Enforcement Agency to have their own in house digital crimes unit.

We recently had a local agency bring us a hard drive that had been held for possible evidence against a perpetrator. Once the hard drive did become a focal point of the investigation, the detectives learned that the hard disk drive was not suffering from a physical failure, also commonly known as a head crash. We rebuilt the drive to a functioning state, and provided back to the agency so that they may perform their own computer forensics on the hard drive.

Who’s to say if this evidence would have changed the outcome of trial? To me, as a layperson the evidence that was submitted seemed more than sufficient for a conviction. Since our court systems has a procedural defense known as Double Jeopardy.

This means that a person who has been acquitted of a crime, cannot be charged with the same crime twice.

Casey Anthony could confess, write a book, and even upload a “How To” video to Youtube , yet she will never be able to be charged with the death of her daughter.

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Discounted Data Recovery Prices for Victims of Superstorm Sandy – Hurricane Sandy Recovery

November 12, 2012

Discount Data Recovery Prices for those affected by Superstorm Sandy

Being a data recovery service based in South Florida, you might imagine that we have weathered our fair share of hurricanes. Personally, I have lived here since 1970 and have been through a few moderate to severe storms. Thankfully I can say that I have never been through a storm as devastating as Superstorm Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy making landfall

The sheer magnitude of destruction of this ‘perfect storm’ is truly hard to comprehend. One can only imagine just how many times “Oh My God!” was uttered as an involuntary reaction to pictures and videos of the damage. Houses, possessions, cars, belongings and basically any material items can be replaced. People cannot.

From the comfort of a mild and sunny South Florida afternoon with temperatures in the 70’s in November, it can be easy to type statistics. I’ve read that the death toll has exceeded 100 in the United States, and of course there are numerous deaths reported from the Caribbean islands.

It can be easy to overlook the fact these ‘statistics’ were someones husband, wife, children, grandparent etc. This type of loss can never be re-gained. Only time can heal a loss so profound as someones life.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

There are just as many stories of heroism and survival as there is devastation. The undeniable spirit of recovery and fortitude that resides in all of us is now back on display in full force across the Northeast. As of today November 9th, I read that FPL (Florida Power and Light) has dispatched more than 1,000 employees and contractors to assist in the recovery.

I would not even know where to begin in calculating the number of computers that will no longer boot up due to storm related damage. Something as seemingly innocuous as losing electricity, even for a brief period of time can result in an electrical surge, spike or brownout conditions that can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics. One such device that usually is not given much thought until after the fact is a computer’s hard drive. Computers are basically ‘disposable’ electronic items, such as television sets, radios, microwave ovens etc. As a data recovery consultant, in my opinion the most important item in that category may very well be you or your computer. Specifically the computer’s hard drive. And of course I’m not speaking of the actual hard drive hardware, but rather the data that has been saved to that hardware.

No matter how nice your 60” flat screen television or stainless steel refrigerator may be, there is no critical data that is stored on it. With homeowners insurance and a lot of patience and perseverance these items can be replaced. I also know that within the past few years more insurance companies are taking a closer look at digital data and  intellectual property.

As people continue to dig out of the rubble and try to put their lives back together, there will be hurdles to overcome. The rebuild and recovery process may take longer and be more extensive than initial forecasts.

Total Devastation

Total Devastation

It’s somewhat awkward to say the least, to be blogging about someone’s lost computer files when in fact that same person may be struggling to stay warm tonight or provide food and shelter for their family. However as more and more people and businesses dig themselves out from the destruction and move forward with rebuilding and recovery, the value of critical data will be a hot topic for many.

The only person that can accurately place a worth or dollar value on data is the person who owns the data. Not too terribly long ago disaster recovery primarily entailed rebuilding and or recovering physical property.

Fast forward to 2012 where data can be ever so critical and crucial for daily operation of a business or it can be a persons only valuable ‘possession’. It can be a ‘lifetime’ of family photos, hours and hours of research, an entire media collection, far too many types of files or data too possibly mention.

Just as of last night on the National news I was hearing of reports of 369,000 people have applied for FEMA aid. Considering that this storm was the size of Europe, I imagine that those figures too will also increase.
There are reports that some towns in New York and New Jersey that have still yet to see any type of relief or aid including The Red Cross, which by most accounts has been doing an outstanding job with the resources available.

Today, November 12th there are still 46,000 people still without power on Long Island alone.

I could research and write for days on various aspects of the Superstorm Sandy, the anomalies that made this the ‘perfect storm”, the damage in all it’s forms and finally the recovery efforts that are under way.

Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Hurricane Sandy Rebuild & Recovery Underway

The small bit of relief that ECO Data Recovery can provide was the originally intended subject of this blog post. Once I started writing, it seems that there is just so many aspects of this storm that can be covered.

Besides contributing to the Red Cross directly, we have decided that the most beneficial way that we can help is to provide some pricing relief for victims of the damage of hurricane Sandy.

From now through the end of the year  ECO Data Recovery will offer extremely discounted hard drive data recovery. We know that there is still untold stories of damage, destruction and ultimately recovery. As these stories unfold, and people try to put their lives back in order, some businesses and individuals will need to recover data from desktops, laptops, and servers.

If you, your business, or anyone that you know needs to recover data from a hard drive and you are located in one of the states affected by Hurricane Sandy, we can help.

Call ECO Data Recovery for special discounts on Data Recovery Services from all types of hard drives. You could save hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars.

WARNING for Water Damaged Hard Drives!

  • If you do have a hard drive that has suffered from any type of water damage, do not attempt to dry it out. Providing that the damage is not too extensive, a quality data recovery service can recover data from water damaged hard drives.
  • Do NOT try to power up a water damaged hard drive.
  • Place hard drive in zip lock baggie with moist paper towel. (This will help to prevent the drive from drying.)
  • In most cases the water itself does not damage the platters, but rather the residue and minerals left over from the water.
  • Contact a professional data recovery service ASAP to make arrangements to have your hard drive recovered.
    (Delaying matters could make recovery efforts more difficult.)

ECO Data Recovery